Simple, Reliable and Effective

Our myECC Learning Management System allows students to easily understand what they are required to do and when they are required to do this, supports trainers to accurately review participation and progression while having a clear focus around the assessment process and ongoing communication, and allows managers to monitor trainer and student performance, as well as holistically assess the viability and vulnerabilities of the training programs.

With the myECC Learning Management System:

  • Students can easily navigate what they are required to do and when it is due.

  • Trainers can accurately review student participation, easily communicate with students and supervisors, and have a clear view of the assessment process.

  • Managers can monitor trainer and student performance, as well as holistically assess the viability and vulnerabilities of the training programs.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Traditional Learning Management Systems are designed for schools and universities. For those of us in Vocational Education and Training, this can mean lots of frustration and clunky workarounds, resulting in a confusing and complicated experience for students and trainers alike.

Developed by expert author Karen Kearns and management systems professionals Time IT Solutions, myECC reflects years of experience in vocational training and e-learning. It allows colleges to be flexible with their learning plans, and provides a clear, linear learning pathway aligned to each student’s specific needs.

Flexible Student Learning Plans

  • Create clean learning and assessment plans

  • Negates duplication of attempts

  • Supports rolling enrolments

myECC provides a linear learning plan that is easy for students to navigate. Trainers and students can negotiate and modify learning plans and assessment due dates, remove units not required or add additional units.

Audit-proof your RTO

  • Focus on completion of assessments

  • Highly visible feedback and easy access summary information

  • Audit ready evidence

myECC places evidence of learner competency as a priority to the ongoing compliance of your RTO. Every item that can be used to prove learning has occurred – including documents, photos, assessment activity and third party reports – can be stored against the learner’s profile. This ensures ongoing compliance and ease in producing all evidence of learning competence for individual students under audit.

More than Just an LMS

myECC is more than just a Learning Management System. It comes with preloaded, interactive Australian content to save you time and money. You can add to or change the content to suit your delivery needs.

When you sign up, you’ll receive FREE ongoing consultation and advice on how to develop your training programs to deliver great results and improve your bottom line. You’ll also get:

  • E-textbook management

  • Regular updates to learning and assessment

  • Access to Australian video content for use in classroom and webinars

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